National Service Scheme (NSS)
Program Officer : Dr. Abul Hashnat Md.

Special camp village area : Das para, Takagach-Rajarhat G. P.

University B.T. & Evening college has a National Service Scheme (NSS) unit since 2003-2004. One hundred students are the active members of this unit each year. The unit performs several programme like discussion, debate, seminar, interactive sessions, procession, gardening, et cetra.

It is a students' social service organisation under the sports and youth affair of the Government of India. It was started on 24th September, 1969 by Dr. V. K. R. V. Rao throughout India for the students of schools, colleges and universities.

It helps to develop the personality of the students. Students are directed to perform at least 120 hours work within two years. Besides, a 7-day special camp is organised at the stipulated village on special themes like health and social awareness, consumer awareness, sanitation et cetra issues. After completing these two steps, the student volunteers are awarded certificates.

Activities and awareness on AIDS, first aid, Thalassemia, eye check-up camps, community servey are the important features that the unit performs each year.